Nestor Barbitta


He is an audiovisual designer and visual artist. He is a professional photographer and video creator. His works have been exhibited in Buenos Aires, Madrid and Berlin.

With his aerial photograph “Partido”, he became the winner of the 3rd acquisition prize of the Itaú Visual Arts Awards, in its 2019-2020 edition. He is a professional drone pilot and a visual artist who is always interested in new technologies and new formats.


This selection of my work is a combination of two of my series of aerial photographs taken with a drone, called “Coordinates of everyday life” and “Organic Textures”.

Both intermingle to put into question some of the issues that most challenge me: How do human beings occupy spaces? Are we the ones who define our environment or is it our environment that takes over our behaviour?

For me, aerial photography is a fascinating exercise of observation, offering from afar a visual corpus that, as we get closer, disintegrates into details and small forms that acquire a new meaning for themselves.


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