Si eres artista (o colectivo de artistas) y quieres mostrar tu trabajo, ofrecer colaboración en otros proyectos o pedir ayuda para el tuyo, aquí puedes publicar un anuncio para contactarte con otrxs artistas y colaboradorxs residentes en Berlín. Periódicamente seleccionamos un “Featured Artist” que publicamos en nuestra página principal y en nuestras redes sociales.


Nuestro objetivo no es solo exhibir artistas, sino también incluir a personas de diferentes sectores que pueden aportar de manera significativa en cada proyecto del mundo creativo. Seas ingenierx en sonido, carpinterx, community manager, copywriter, o de cualquier otra disciplina, hay un espacio para ti. Puedes escribir un anuncio gratuito y ofrecer tus servicios o solo buscar colaborar con otras personas.

If you are an artist (or collective of artists) and you want to show your work, here you can post an ad for show what you do and contact with other artists residents in Berlin.

We periodically select a “Featured Artist” that we post on our home page as well as on our networks.

You also have the possibility to publish a notice to offer collaboration in other projects or ask for help for yours.

Our goal is not only to exhibit artists but also include people from different sectors that can contribute significantly to every project in the creative world.

Whether you are a sound engineer, carpenter, community manager, copywriter, or any other discipline, there is a space for you.

You can write a free ad and offer your services or just look to collaborate with other people.

In Alterfocus there is a place for everyone, even if you are not Latin American. If you enjoy the Latin American scene in Berlin and want to be informed of the news, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to meet the incredible Latin talent in the city. And in case you need the skills of Latinx artists and collaborators, we invite you to write an ad so that you can find them.

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