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Primera entrega de la sección “La ciudad y las luces: escribir desde lejos”, escrita y curada por Lucía Pereyra

Lilith the Quing the genderless contrasexual shapeshifter spacebender dreamdrifter is bringing fluidity and consciousness to this and other worlds.
He paints prophecies beyond the End of Times: forthcoming myths for a new Humanity, unbound of Reason, without Memory, wandering in Dreams and oblivious to Death.
She carried out her studies of Visual Arts at the National School of Plastic Arts ENAP, UNAM in Mexico, and finished her Master studies in Art in Public Spheres at the Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland.
He researches and works with sound by making art, music, design, techniques and technologies, through experimental processes.
She is a singer, actress, and vocal therapist.
He is an audiovisual designer and visual artist. He is a professional photographer and video creator. His works have been exhibited in Buenos ires, Madrid and Berlin.

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