Here you will find interviews and articles to artists who are part of our Community.


In this 3-hour in-person workshop you will enter the world of photographic intervention with letters and design in iPad Procreate.
She is an illustrator and graphic designer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since she was a child, she has always been interested in art, design, drawing, and illustration, gradually becoming her passion.
Lilith the Quing the genderless contrasexual shapeshifter spacebender dreamdrifter is bringing fluidity and consciousness to this and other worlds.
He paints prophecies beyond the End of Times: forthcoming myths for a new Humanity, unbound of Reason, without Memory, wandering in Dreams and oblivious to Death.
She carried out her studies of Visual Arts at the National School of Plastic Arts ENAP, UNAM in Mexico, and finished her Master studies in Art in Public Spheres at the Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland.
He researches and works with sound by making art, music, design, techniques and technologies, through experimental processes.
She is a singer, actress, and vocal therapist.
He is an audiovisual designer and visual artist. He is a professional photographer and video creator. His works have been exhibited in Buenos ires, Madrid and Berlin.
Si buscáramos “salir del círculo del confort” debería estar su nombre. Conoce a Luján y su inagotable curiosidad y empuje.
William cuenta el poder de las ludotecas y cómo a través de ellas ayuda a la integración de familias migrantes en Berlín.
Radicada en Berlín luego de haber vivido en 15 ciudades, Helena continúa desdibujando límites desenfadadamente no solo geográficos sino también entre sus trabajos artísticos y su vida personal.
La creatividad es un camino a veces olvidado que nos conecta con nuestrx niñx interior. Carla tiene la brújula para ayudarnos.
Get to know the different experiences and points of view of five artists from Brazil living in Berlin.

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